We thank you all our service users for their order placement and choosing us to be a part of their order placement. Our team at Smart cakes works hard to ensure that your celebration turns into a memorable one. 

To further make sure that your experience is swift and a delightful one, here are some terms and conditions from our side. These have been created for minimizing the conflict areas. These have been listed so that the user knows about our working process that may have an impact on their order.

Please go through the terms and conditions mentioned below; it is the acceptance and compliance of these that will ensure your use of our services without any hindrance.  

By subscribing our service, you agree that you have gone through, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions. 

User Account, Password, and Security:

When you create a user account, you will receive a password along with an account designation as soon as you complete the website’s registration process. It is your duty to maintain the confidentiality of your password and account. You must take responsibility of all the activities that are performed via it. 
You agree to bring to our notice any unauthorized activity that you encounter comprising of improper use of password, account information, and breach of security. You ensure that you will exit from your account when each session ends. Smart Cakes cannot be held liable for any damage or loss that has been caused due to failure of compliance of these terms and conditions by the user. 
The user agrees that if any information provided by him/her is inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete, and not updated which provides reasonable grounds for suspecting that the information is not in accordance with the terms of use then we reserve the right to suspend, terminate, or block his access to the membership of website.  


  1. Smart Cakes may terminate or suspend the use of website or any service if it believes that its terms have been breached by the user. 
  2. In case you or Smart Cakes terminates the use of this website then Smart Cakes may delete any of the user content or material that is related to the use of service. In such case, Smart Cakes will not have any liability to the user or third party for doing so.
  3. The user shall be liable to pay for the service or product that has been ordered by him/her till the time has been terminated by either party whatsoever. 

Product Description:

Smart cakes do not warrant that the product description or any other content of this website is accurate, updated, reliable, complete, error-free and holds no liability in this regard.

Limitation of Liability:

Under no circumstances shall Smart Cakes be liable for any incidental, special, consequential or indirect damages of any kind in connection with the terms of use even though the user has been informed regarding the possibility of such damages well in advance. 


The prices of products have been mentioned on our website and have been incorporated into the terms by reference. The products, services, and prices may change at Smart Cakes’ discretion. 

If recipient receives the products in damaged condition

  1. The recipient must check the product that has been delivered before signing the receipt. 
  2. If the product that has been delivered is found to be damaged then the recipient must not accept it and inform us immediately.
  3. Any issues with the product delivered must be reported within 4 hours of its delivery as after it no request or refund shall be considered.
  4. If the goods are found to be badly damaged then the replacement may be provided. In such case, you need to allow a certain time period for replacement.