The acceptance of the order placed by the customer is subject to availability of items, conveyance ranges and time. The order may or may not be accepted. The order can be cancelled after surveying the circumstances and communicating the same to the client. In such case, the sum paid by client is completely refunded to his/her bank account. 

Only one endeavour for delivery of the order shall be made. Therefore, the availability of the recipient must be confirmed before the selection of the delivery time is done. On the off chance that beneficiary isn't accessible at the time of conveyance, the second endeavour will not be made and the order will be cancelled. No discount will be made in such case. 

The refund shall be initiated once the client affirms over mail where the refund needs to be done and provides the necessary details. 

Refund shall be credited on orders that are processed within 48 hours of the delivery date. 

Refunds are processed back to the payment method within 15 working days. 

Address Change Request 

Any change in address is allowed free of cost only if the changes are made before the 24 hours of delivery. 

  1. Rs. 200 shall be charged in case any change is done in the address within 24 hours before delivery.
  2. There may be time when the request for change in address is not accepted, in such case the order shall not be cancelled and the refund will not be made. 

Pin code Requirements

It is client obligation to provide correct pin code with the address of delivery. The pin code provided must be in sync with the delivery address provided. There are times when the address specified does not match with the pin code provided. 
When the pin code entered with the address is not correct then the following scenarios may take place – 

  1. If the address entered is of non-serviceable zone, the order stands cancelled and NO refund shall be done. The system checks pin code for delivery address confirmation and may accept the order even when pin code entered is of serviceable zone but the address isn't. 
  2. If our group contacts you with respect to the wrong pin code in address, and you are willing to change the pin code as per the address, the charges shall apply. However, the order cannot be cancelled and no refund shall be done in case you are not willing to pay the pin code charges for correction.